Adventure Time Crossover
The Adventure Time Crossover is based on the American cartoon Adventure Time.


Gumball, Darwin, Nicole, Anais and Richard are transported into a parralell dimension by an accidental scientific collision.


Gumball, Darwin, Nicole and Richard are seen watching the latest episode of Adventure Time. Anais then comes and shows them an invetion she created, nicknamed the 'Transferretron'. She accidentally activates it and sends them all into the Adventure Time episode. Gumball and Darwin find themselves inbetween Finn and Jake AND the Ice King. Finn and Jake mistake them for villains and attack Gumball. Gumball can't fight and Finn is about to Strike a final blow when Darwin swallows some Gumballs from the Candy Kingdom and shoots them out of his mouth, hitting Finn and Jake. Jake rushes towards Darwin, who grabbs another gumball and shoots it at Jake catching him off Guard. Jake then grabbs Darwin and continuasly pounds him on the floor. Darwin then brings Jake and him into a chocolate lake. In his element, he constantly punches him, trying to drive him away. Jake then returns to the surface and attempts to hit Darwin again. However, Darwin sucks him into his mouth and then spits him on the floor like a Suckerfish. Gumball is facing Finn and eventually throws the pizza, that he was eating when watching Adventure Time, straight into Finn's face. He then blasted at by Princess Bubblegum, who is flying a magical Goose. On December 2056 in the miami hotel henchman takes a lot of drugs and begins to hallucinates thinking the characters are animals, he later kills them all and say "GOTTA GET A GRIP" as he smokes on top the building finishing his mission, manny pardo finds the survivor Nicole Watterson he aims at her saying "so you want your 15 minutes of fame uh?" and "u know what happens to thugs like u?" BAM "see thats what happens" The end lol rated G for kiddies  

Main Characters




Gumball: Who's she?

Bubblegum: Princess Bubblegum!

Darwin: She's Purty!

Pardo: I was born with thick skin


Season 2

Next year a new season will be created which is called the Adventure Time Knapford Edition crossover.

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