Adventure Time
Adventure Time Crossover 2 is the sequal of the Adventure Time Crossover. The returning heroes from the last series (Leonard McLean, who looks now differant, Finn and Jake) face Death's son, who is their primary target. This sequel is made by Leonard McLean 14 and 5raptor5.




Minor Characters


  1. The Return of the Heroes: Leonard, Finn and Jake begin facing new enemies.
  2. Being a Team: Finn and his friends need to act like a team.
  3. The Vampire Queen: Leonard, Finn and Jake meet Marceline the Vampire Queen.
  4. A Unknown Hero: Young Autobot meets a mysterious hero.
  5. Lola Turns EvilLola have become the villain.
  6. The Lich's Puppet: Leonard has been possessed so Terminator and Young Autobot have to defeat the Lich from possessing Leonard's body.
  7. Lola vs. Grievous: Grievous is facing Lola.
  8. Dead Justice's Plan: Dead Justice and the other villains is planing something evil.
  9. Awaken, Deathwing: Dead Justice unleashes Deathwing.
  10. Betrayal:
  11. The 4 Diamonds:
  12. The Limo Challange:
  13. The Cave:
  14. The Finale Diamond:
  15. Vengeance for Mundus: Leonard and the heroes fight Dead Justice's army.


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