Adventure Time Crossover 3 is the exciting new series of the Adventure Time Crossover series.

Adventure Time Crossover 3 Logo

Leonard may be dead, but as his trusty friend Young Autobot and his friends go and fight Dead Justice, Leonard is brought back from the dead, and must help his friends and look for more allies before preceding to war. But as Dead Justice destroys his way to battle, another villain wants to take over the world to avenge his old master, and his name is Scarecrow.


  1. The Revolution Begins
  2. King Richard's Regicide
  3. The Time for Justice
  4. Execute Order OVER 9000!


Team of Heroes

The Dark Brotherhood


  • Snail (seen as a easter egg on every episode)


  • This series has episodes with plots as well as 25 episodes instead of 14.



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