Welcome to my first page here. Dont shoot me if i made a mistake.


Somwhere in Africa...........

I was walking through the hard rain, remembering all my friends back at Elmore have split to 8 clans. Fighting each other for the Mysterious Power Of The Dragon. They believe that if they obtain that power, they will be the winner. Thats what they think. Not realizing I was gone. To collect the Gems of each forgotten clan called:

Fire - The Wrath of Death

Lightning - The Speed of Light

Ice - The Wrath of The Weather

Earth -  Mother Nature

Magma - The Red Sea

Frost - The True Stunner

Light - Power of Hope

and lastly, the most powerful of them all, Wrath - Armaggedon.

But for now, I have to move on, i could still remember the day before the Clans came.

It was a bright day. The birds are singing, the children playing and it was a normal day. Then in the news, news about a power source also known as The Dragon appeared. When the citizens heard about it, they began to fight each other. We never realized that until an event called Blood Lust began.

Civil War hit each other. Citizen killing citizen. It was truly a nightmare. During hiding i had a vision, about the 8 gems. They told me that I was chosen, i could end the war, but i need to find them first.

I began my journey, with a Gun and a Sword to protect myself from The Karaice Clan, they were a very powerful clan like the others. I was only lucky to not be caught.

I escaped the city. I saw what once a beautiful city have turned into a war ground for battle. It was to hard to leave it, but i had to.

2 hours after leaving, i realized i have no clue where to find the gems. Then i had somthing in my hand. It was the map! Appearing by magic! Whatever caused that. I should be grateful.

Then so it begins................

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