Asajjventress bounty clothes
Asajj Ventress was born on Dathomir years before the Clone Wars she was taken from her clan mother, Mother Talzin and her biological mother by Hal'Sted. The Siniteen raised her on Rattatak. Eventually, the Siniteen was killed by a Weequay Bounty hunter who Asajj pushed with the force sending flying through the air, much to the pleasure of nearby Jedi Knight Ky Narec, who took her as his padawan. Nerec taught Ventress the Jedi arts and in time the pair fought and defeated many corrupt and viscious warlords on the war torn planet Rattatak. In time some of the remaining raiders and thugs fearing the power that Nerec and his apprentice allied with one another in a plot to kill the Jedi. In a fierce battle a Weequay pirate shot and killed Nerec, and after the death of her master Ventress sought revenge on his murderer and became a ruthless killer, falling quickly to the dark side. Eventually she found herself fighting in The Cauldron as a gladiator, her success cought the attention of Count Dooku, who took her in as his apprentice.

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