Baboon is a large male Asian baboon and is the second main antagonist in the series. He is the general of Dragon's Army. He is one of the more comic relief villains next to the Ninja Monkeys.

Baboon lives inside a tent in Lung mountain and is a very strong warrior. He is very violent and longs to see the Valley animals in harms way. He is the main plan maker of Dragon's army and is thus responsible for all the dangerous (and odd) failed schemes against the Valley. Baboon is known by everyone to be very, well, stupid and will try to be bright about things he has no idea about. He is just as dumb as the Ninja monkeys but does not admit it. He will often take his anger out on them even picking them up to use as a punching bag. Baboon loves bananas often putting them in any dish possible. It is possible that when the Ninja Monkeys fail a task, Baboon does not give them any food containing bananas, which upsets the Ninja Monkeys.

Baboon always wants to have power and shows little respect towards anyone not even Dragon. He does have a heart though (to an extent) and will care for the Ninja Monkeys and even rewards them with Banana cream pie. Despite his power he can be easily defeated by Skunk and other animals. Once even getting him kicked out of the mountain due to an easy defeat by Skunk.

Baboon has a small following in the Skunk Fu fan base. In most fan fiction he is made very violent and homicidal. While others make him a reformed villain, some viewers even believe he is homosexual due to his sometimes girly personality. This is however more or less just a reason to show that he really is not as strong as everyone thinks he is. He also has a strong hatred towards Skunk and will do anything to defeat him. Baboon is also very perseverant about destroying Skunk, Young Autobot, Gumball, Darwin, & Grievous.

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