Cloudy "CJ" Jay is a cloud-like girl
seen in the episode Yes Dude Yes and the main antagonist. She hangs out with Mordecai for a little bit after they met on Couple Corral . She is also good at video games. She eventually gained a love interest for Mordecai, though Mordecai only considered them as good friends. When enraged or upset, she turns into a large thunderstorm cloud that can even produce a tornado, which happened when she thought that Mordecai already had a girlfriend. She's good friends with Young Autobot, Shaak ti & Grievous



She & Mordecai are dating

Young Autobot

Shaak ti

They're BFF



  • Her name came from the other name of a protagonist in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Carl Johnson.

    Carl Johnson also known as CJ

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