Damien 'Death' Carter
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Damien, Master (known by servants)
Species: Human (formerly)


Age:  ???
Friends: Victor, Scarecrow, Benson, Andross, Herobrine
Enemies: Leonard McLean, Young Autobot, General Grievous, Marceline, Killer Croc, Vinnie King
Relatives: Dead Justice (son)
Occupation: Listner of the Dark Brotherhood
First Appearance: Young Autobot and Grievous Returned
Voiced by: Julian Holloway

Death, is the ruler of the Soul Cairn. He is the main villain of Adventure Time Crossover. and Lee's arch nemesis ever since. He was once a human known as Damien Carter, but when he used the Satan Orb it turned him into a monstrous villain out to seek Soul Edge, a cursed sword that grant the wielder power.

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