Episode 1

Part #1 - A Really Special Beach

A group of 6 friends were planning their Christmas break. The teenagers who were part of that group were Gumball Watterson, a 12 year-old blue cat, Rigby, a brown raccoon, Princess Bubblegum, a, obviously, bubblegum pink girl, Lola Bunny, a 17 year-old color cream rabbit, Ilana, another 17 year-old teenager, blonde and beatiful, and Reef, a 16 year-old brunnette boy.

As you can notice, the group had too many ages, personalities, ways to live life, and kind (A cat, a raccoon, a bubblegum, a rabbit and two humans).

Gumball's house isn't too big, so the group decided to planned everything at the backyard.

"I think we should go to California" Rigby said.

"I don't know, it's too expensive" Ilana replied.

"Maybe Miami?" Princess Bubblegum said, trying to follow Rigby's idea.

"If California is expensive, Miami costs a complete life Gum" The blonde human replied.

"We can go to Broadway!" Lola said.

"Broadway? That sucks! Let's go a beach!" Gumball interrupted and the female rabbit just turned her face.

"What about Sunset Beach?" Reef asked.

"What's that?" The 12 year-old cat asked him.

"Gumball, it's obviously a beach" Lola said, Gumball kicked her, she kicked him too, and a fight started.

"Where it is?" Ilana asked peacefully to Reef.


"Canada? That's too far"

"I can take all of us there"

"Really?" Princess Bubblegum entered to the talk.


"That would be awesome!"

"Kids! I made some cookies!" Nicole Watterson, Gumball's mother announced to the group.

"Cookies?!" Rigby and Gumball asked loudly and excited.

"Yes, chocolate cookies"

The pair of animals ran until reach the cooker. They ate all of them while the others were walking slowly.

Inside, the group decided everything else. Reef would take he and his friends to Canada, to a beach. Each person would have to take 100 dollars to the trip, and Gumball and Lola wouldn't fight in all the trip.

The afternoon arrived soon. Each teenager went home and started to sleep.

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