Grievous & Young Autobot Returned is the second episode
of the Adventure Time Crossover.


Lee is walking to a car park building in which his motorcycle is. When he goes near his motorcycle, he notices something strange on his motorcycle in which he had never seen: a Autobot logo. He thinks that it's just a decal from a magic dimension, but he starts having some doubts.

He hops onto his motorcycle, and drives off into the city but instead of controlling it himself, the motorcycle is instead controlling itself leading to a scenario of epic proportions. The motorcycle goes up a ramp, then goes through a construction site, crashing through scaffolding, (the result of construction workers being injured) and landing in a puddle of oil, where it starts to do a donut which causes the oil to set ablaze on fire. Lee uses his Teslic Glove and shocks it, causing it to stop doing donuts. He drives it normally to his warehouse where he lives and drives it into the garage. He pulls out his laptop and a DNA scanner to scan the logo.


Leonard encounters Young and Grievous.

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