Penni knew she was gonna be happy for she and Gumball were both 20 now and were official married. They lived in a little orange house and Gumball was a great husband. He cleaned and cooked and he still knew how to please his wife. But, the biggest news hit the young couple. It was bad and good. Penni was chosen to go to Alaska to be a teacher to young children. The bad thing is, she would never see Gumball or their toddler daughter, Nicole Beatrice, again. The good thing is there was enough money to send Beatrice to school and eventually college! 2 days later after Penni had taken the offer she was back home. She couldn't stand being alone. Her family needed her more. Finn took the job and said at the airport, "Gumball, I'm glad you moved out! See u later, weirdos!" Finn never liked Gumball. So the The Wattersons: Penni, Gumball and Nicole Beatrice lived happily in their small house. Finn however was actually teaching huskies not children and he had to go the ER when one of the dogs tried to bury him.

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