This is a series of Gumball, Randy, Darwin and Howard gain a friendship and Gumball turns into a ninja. Series made by TheUltimateGumballFan50.


Gumball and Darwin decide to change school from Elmore Junior High to Norrisvile High School and bond a strong lasting friendship with Randy and Howard and turn into a ninja of Norrisville and Elmore to protect Elmore Junior High and Norrisville High.


When Gumball says that in Elmore is the same and really boring then tells Nicole that they want to change school, but then Nicole asks that they are sure that they change school then the two said yes.

Then Nicole called that she found a school that they would like, so then they went to check and said that they agree on that one.

Once the first day of school started Gumball and Darwin jumped in the bus and sat down. Once they made it, they read the name and went inside.




This is part of a show called Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.

Episode List

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