Gumdrop Flameson is the main character of "The Spectacular World of Gumdrop", which is featured in the season four episode "The Alternatives"

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Gumdrop Christina Flameson is a fictional character and the gender-bend version of Gumball Watterson. She is a twelve-year-old, pink colored female dog that goes to Almore Junior High with her ten-year-old adoptive sister, Darling, and her four-year-old brother, Elias. She also has a massive crush on Penn, who is also in Mr. Simon's class.


Gumdrop is a pink dog, who is slightly taller than Gumball. She usually wears either a sweater (similar to Gumball's, except pink with a heart in the center) and a skirt (which looks similar to Nicole's, but light purple) or a "Japenese School Girl" outfit. 


Gumdrop is fun-loving, mischievious, and optimistic, just like Gumball, except easiler enraged and not as sacastic, but very adventurous.



Gumdrop and Darling are best friends and are very close. The two girls have big imaginations and often get into mischeif. However, Gumdrop could be a bad influnce on Darling. Darling was once Gumdrop's pet, who sprouted legs, learned to talk, and managed to eat food other than her fish flakes.


Gumdrop usually relies on Elias with her problems. He always likes to inform Gumdrop and normally corrects her. Although Gumdrop will never admit it, she actually admires her brother and knows he is right.


Nicolas is very protective of his daughter, but sometimes he can terrify Gumdrop. She does not like to face the consequences of her actions (normally grounding her to her room) and tells her father when he's wrong, due to his fiery temper.

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