Gumdrop Watterson is one of the kids of Gumballand Carrie Watterson. He is the twin brother ofGummie Watterson.


At 16 years old, Gumdrop looks almost identical to his father when he was 12. He has blue fur with a tuft of hair at his forehead, like his father does now, and six whiskers. Instead of a sweater, Gumdrop wears an orange T-shirt with a blue long-sleeved undershirt. He also wears blue jeans and orange sneakers. Gumdrop also always wears a white skull necklace, which he got at a young age.

The Demon's House

Gumdrop is one of the main characters in The Demon's House, along with Sindy, Marmalade, and Jackson


Skye Watterson

Skye enjoys hugging him because she finds him to be adorable. This makes him blush a lot.

Carine Watterson

Gumdrop is probably the male whom Carine despises the least. She does act meanly to him when Marissa is around, but softens up in Marissa's absence. It's possible that Gumdrop and Carine have incestous feelings for each other, as Marissa once caught them kissing when spying on Gumdrop.

Mortimer Watterson

They both like each other, but sometimes, Mortimer teases him.



She has a crush on Gumdrop, but she burns his tongue whenever kissing him because she is a fire lass.


She also has a crush on Gumdrop as she likes to hug him often.


She also has a crush on Gumdrop, and he sometimes returns the feelings.


In the future, Gumdrop fathers three children by three different women.

Amy Shadowthourne

Amy has a crush on Gumdrop and lives inside his body, an act that makes him gain his shadow powers.

Alexandra Alex

Powers and Abilities

Gumdrop has powers thanks to his friend, Amy Shadowthourne. Whenever she possesses his body, he becomes powerful and has demonic powers. One day, he uses this power against Carine because she picks on him alot, but he comes to regret his actions because he hurts Carine and gets grounded.


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