Henery Hawk is a tiny, brown chicken hawk with a forelock of feathers. The young bird lives at home with his parents, and speaks with tough-guy bravado. While singing, Henery has the ability to make his voice sound auto-tuned.


Henery Hawk appears in The Fish and Visitors in the Merrie Melodie under the name Chicken Hawk. He raps in an auto-tuned and high-pitched voice singing about his love for chicken, while Foghorn Leghorn tries to remove Henery's craving for chicken. Near the end of the song, Foghorn succeeds in getting Henery to enjoy beans, but unfortunately, while Henery now loves beans, he still loves chicken. At the end of the song, he chases Foghorn Leghorn away with a knife and a fork.


  • In the episode "The Fish and Visitors," the Merrie Melody is a song that showcases Henery Hawk singing about loving and eating chicken.

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