Gumball and Danwin in the rain saddness
Remember the good old days of Rurouni Kenshin(for those that watched the anime: Samurai X) and the ending song. The rain seemed sad stories rained in what he says to a person were to get wet in late and sad to leave in the deceased and others stayed there for rain in the story in their spirit and It is called the rain of sadness.


Step by step we will take it lightly, bye bye
But running anyway, bye bye
The thunder like the roar of a lion
Request dispersion.
What is happening?
So ... rain is coming.

I really hate the rain, bye bye
I wanted to stay here a little more, bye bye
The instant when the pleasant sensation was changed
when the lion made me run
was obvious, No! Irritated.
It's gonna rain!

The rain cleared his alibi?
He really forget?
Is this all in what both of us will become?
We will do all this because of the rain.

As he calls, nothing at all
And the lessons of rain also, nothing nothing
If my mind will change
Like the weather in England
That would be a relief ... but everything is the opposite.
It's gonna rain!

The rain has made my back foot.
But he also remembered me.
The two were guided to here now.
It's all because of the rain, no thanks to her.

The rain calls people and makes them disappear
A magician stronger than anyone.
The two had to deceive others,
and have not started it all in the rain.

It's gonna rain!