Jamiko Miyamoto (aka the superhero Captain-Japan) is Penny's new crime-fighting partner and the main male protagonist of Penny & Captain-Japan of S.P.D


Jamiko Miyamoto is the story's main male protagonist, Penny's  new partner at S.P.D and best friend. As a cover, he is assigned to attend Penny's class and even moves in with the Fitzgeralds in the quest bedroom while still works as a operative at S.P.D when a monster attacks the city.

Jamiko Miyamoto
Jamiko s s p d uniform sketches by kainsword kaijin-d8dgy0w
Character Information
Gender: male
Also known as: Captain-Japan
Species: human
Age: 10
Friends: Penny , Gumball Mr.Fitzgerald Mrs.Fitzgerald Penny's Sister
Enemies: SHADOW
Occupation: student, superhero


Jamiko is a very kind-hearted, friendly and very helpful, but he's also a little shy & timid, especially if he meets cute girls, like Penny. But he does have a strong sence of justice and is more then willing to put his life on the line to protect his friends. As Captain-Japan, he's more open and more confident, more often making wise-cracks during battle but is a very skilled fighter

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