"Nothing but Technology and brain"

Character Information



|gender=boy |species=ostrich |age=23 |friend=Carrie matt miller Darwin Watterson Gumball Watterson |rival=HIM Megatron


Jeremy IS a tall ostrich he IS an pontranogist He Love games he has a crush with carrie He IS a man Of Technology he and matt miller are cyber gods They Battle HIM until Megatron came and claim that he IS The cyber God


During The Battle with Megatron Jeremy noticed that Carrie IS dating with Darwin Watterson Jeremy with his anger he start attacking Darwin Watterson that Been help by Carrie undead Army. after a month Of Battle Jeremy won by Carrie betrayal. 2 month latar Jeremy realese Darwin Watterson out Of jail and help Gumball Watterson Battle HIM



Jeremy IS in Love with carrie until he noticed that Darwin IS standing in his path So he Call his old friend [matt Miller] to build mind destroying Program but his realize SOMETHING and make his Program to help gumball

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