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Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Ghost
Age: 12
Friends: Grievous, Fangs, Katy, Grob Gob Glob Grod
Enemies: The Great Devourer, Alduin, Lord Garmadon, Megatron, Unicron, Mumm-ra, Fright Hound
Relatives: Ranae (Sister)

Gwen (Sister) Plush (Brother) Carolina B. Watterson (Sister) Carrie (Mother) Darwin (Father) Gumball (Uncle) Penny (Aunt) Anais (Aunt) Nicole (Parternal Grandmother) Richard (Partenal Grandfather) Bendict (Marternal Grandfather) Lorretta (Martenal Grandmother) Penny's Sister (Maternal Aunt) Lexy (Paternal Aunt) Adrienne (Partenal Grandaunt)

Occupation: Time-Traveler
First Appearance: Kelsey and Ranae
Voiced by: Grey DeLisle

Kelsey came from the future. She made the time Machine to see the past. Grievous, Young Autobot, & Rigby saw her time machine here. She comes out and have fun. She's the daughter of Carrie & Darwin (in the future). She trys to keep Grievous safe from the Fright Hound. She is also the mysterious Samurai in the future and was shocked to know that Carrie is also the Samurai. She loves both her parents and her sister Ranae even though her mother is usually busy, she can understand.



Carrie is her mother in the future. She was shocked to know that she was also the Samurai.


Darwin is her father in the future. She did all she could to protect him from The Great Devourer.


Gumball is her uncle in the future. She was both upset and angry once she heard that he was once eaten by The Great Devourer.


Ranae is her sister. Ranae traveled with her back in time.


Kelsey and Grievous became great friends ever since she saved him from Fright Hound.

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Fangs's alot like a big brother figure to Kelsey.


The Great Devourer

Once she found out that The Great Devourer ate Gumball once and was about to eat Darwin she thought of it as a mortal enemy.

Fright Hound

Fright Hound was sent to kill her uncle Grievous.



  • She Got that act from Young Justice: Invasion Ep. 6 Bloodlines