Lee Martins
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: L for Lee, The New Hero, Last Dragonborn
Species: Human
Age: Late 10's
Friends: Gumball, Darwin, Finn, Jake, Marceline, Terminator, Young Autobot, Grievous, Princess Bubblegum (friends)
Enemies: Megatron, Dead Justice, Starscream, Shockwave, Benson, Black Mask, Herobrine
Relatives: Willy (brother)

Leonard (ancestor)

Occupation: New Hero of Ooo
First Appearance: A New Hero
Voiced by: Nathan Vetterlein

—Lee on A New Hero

Lee is the new protagonist of Adventure Time Crossover 3. He a close school friend of Leonard McLean, who was shot by Dead Justice on the end of the sequel. Lee now wants vengeance for the death of his friend.


Lee has brown hair, a blue jersey, light blue denim jeans, and blue sneakers.

Lee - Adventure Time Crossover 3

Lee's appearence.


Lee is one of the intelligent and fun loving characters of the Adventure Time Crossover 3.

He gladly accepted Young Autobot and Grievous's offer to take the responsibility of becoming Ooo's and Elmore's hero on the first episode A New Hero .

After that he was taught by Gumball and Darwin about weapon skills and karate on Back to School, when he went to his old school, Elmore Junior High.


Young Autobot and Grievous

Lee was chosen to be a hero by these two people on Adventure Time Crossover 3, which Young Autobot is Lee's master and Grievous becomes a general and Lee's friend.


Willy is Lee's older brother. He helps Lee on his adventures.


Herobrine is the main villain and Lee's mortal enemy.


Gumball: Lee, we will teach you karate.

Lee: Ka-what?

Gumball: (sighs) Darwin, show him. (Darwin kicks Lee sending him flying into a garbage bin)

—Lee when he his taught karate by Gumball and Darwin


—Lee when he hits villains with his sword.

Lee to Niko when he breaks into the base

Nothing personal, I just had to shut you up!

—Lee when he defeats Niko


  • He used to go to Elmore Junior High.
  • His catchphrase is:

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