You smell that? That’s justice, my friend.
Leonard 'Lee' McLean
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Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Credo Leonard, Leo (as mentioned by Young Autobot)
Species: Human
Age: Unknown, presumably between late teens or early 20’s.
Friends: Jake, Killer Croc, Young Autobot, Hank, Clayface, Grievous, Prismo, Gumball Watterson, Marceline (Love Intrest)


Enemies: The Lich, The Joker, Roach, Death, Dead Justice,The Ghost, Black Mask, Big Destiny, Tromo, Trami, Some Kangaroo named Joey, Jason Voorhees
Relatives: Ralph (brother)

Vinnie (cousin) The Dragonborn (father)

Occupation: Leader of the Team of Heroes

Certified Badass


First Appearance: He's Got a Machete
Leonard Mclean is a adventurer and the main protagonist of the Adventure Time Crossover series. He first appears on "He's Got a Machete."




Lee wears a white singlet and a gun holster. He wears a pair of dark green pants, holsters on the calves, knee caps, and black boots. He is always seen wearing his green WW2 styled open trench coat. A lantern is strapped onto his belt.


Lee has dark black shoulder length hair and very pale skin. He has a thin athlete build (as seen with his parkour skills and fast dodging). In some episodes, Leonard ties his hair up into a Samurai topknot.

In later episodes, his hair starts to get messier than usual. As the season progresses, Leonard starts to sport a light beard/five o’ clock shadow as a sign of aging.


Leonard is never seen without his sword Yamato, which was created by the dark knight Sparda, in which he bought from an weapon store from down the road. The sword gives Lee to create sword projectiles, and even perform a Dimension Slash, in which he slashes his opponent from many directions. In Adventure Time Crossover 2, Lee uses the Sword of Omens, a sword that once belonged to a hero of the old times, which he found in the Temple of Anubis. He duel wields both swords in combat.

In season 3. he finds the Hammer of the Justiciar: a weapon that was once used by his best friend, the paladin Richard Henderson. In addition to the hammer, he also obtains the Ghostaxe.

He also carries two revolvers and a sniper rifle strapped on his back in which he does use in combat. In Adventure Time Crossover 3 his revolvers are removed.


Lee is shown to be smart, calm, and a master tactician. He is willing to protect the innocent even if it means sacrificing his life, showing that he is some sought of 'humanitarian', as mentioned by his friend Grievous.


Finn and Jake

First being a hired mercenary for Finn and Jake, the three became best friends and Leonard got to tag along with them on important adventures. He was known as the third 'Blood Brother". Sometimes Leonard got to become the leader of the group and he got to choose adventures of his own while they got to follow.

Young Autobot


Killer Croc