Lord Garmadon
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: The Dark Lord
Species: Human
Age: 55
Friends: Cicada Creature, The Grundle, Spyro (Dark)
Enemies: Gumball Watterson, The Serpentine, The Great Devourer, Sensei Wu, Princess Bubblegum, Spyro, Cynder, Dr. Octogonapus, Shoop Da Whoop
Relatives: Sensei Wu (brother) and Lloyd Garmadon (son), Lightcore Hex (adopted daughter)
Lord Garmadon is a person filled with chaotic evil which was caused by The Great Devourer. When he was a boy he use to not be evil until a smaller version of The Great Devourer bit him and with its venom it fill him with nothing but pure evil. His only objective is to destroy Gumball and he plans on doing this by getting everybody to not like Gumball anymore even his family and Penny. There was a time when he did request Gumball's help so he can destroy The Great Devourer, but after it was over it was business as usual. His brother is Sensei Wu and his son is the Green Ninja Lloyd Garmadon. He betrayed Megatron and said "If any one is going to take over the universe it will be me."

In the near future he will team up with Kaos to defeat Spyro, Gumball Watterson, Stump Smash, etc.

He's one the people that has the power to wield the Mega Weapon.

He only gets along with Spyro when Spyro is Dark Spyro




The Great Devourer

Princess Bubblegum

He killed Princess Bubblegum in order to steal the Golden Weapons.


He punched him. He's only friends with him when he is Dark Spyro.


He told her Spyro doesn't love her anymore.

Dr. Octogonapus

He unleashed a unnamed race of evil on him

Shoop Da Whoop

Hates what he says.

Pikachu Watterson

He always gets shocked by him.

Ash Ketchum

He stole his Pikachu.

Garmadon's Story

Ninjago Mini-Movie 6 Battle Between Brothers02:00

Ninjago Mini-Movie 6 Battle Between Brothers

Garmadon's Story part 1 Sensei Wu vs Lord Garmadon

Ninjago Mini-Movie 4 An Underworldly Takeover02:00

Ninjago Mini-Movie 4 An Underworldly Takeover

Garmadon's Story part 2 Garmadon takes over the skeleton army

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