Marasena is an song in The Amazing World of Gumball as an Short on the CN commercial


  • Gumball
  • Darwin
  • Richard
  • Nicole
  • Penny
  • Anais
  • Carrie
  • Anton
  • Doughnut Sherrif
  • Juke
  • Marvin
  • Granny Jojo
  • Louie
  • Tina Rex
  • Jamie
  • Mr. Robinson
  • Ms. Robinson
  • Rocky
  • Patrick Fitzgerald
  • Principal Brown
  • Miss Simian
  • Sarah
  • Bobert
  • Clayton
  • Evil Turtle
  • Mr. Cuddles


[The Song Starts around elmore until Ooooo....]

[After HAI! at the intro you will see Mr. Robinson and Mrs. Robinson doing the dance (Marasena)]

[You will see Gumball, Darwin and Richard dancing in black suits]

Anais: When is this starting!

Penny: When i walk then see me the Marasena and my teeth is pretty beautiful

Anais, Nicole and Penny: They just jealous, wanna be like me, come and through and learn it from me

Anais, Nicole and Penny: Come to us! With an lesson! then you will see us dancing

Gumball, Darwin and Richard: Yes they're right we do the Marasena, and we never be the Cannabilla and they call us as a mistake Linda Marasena, Eeeeeh Marasena (2x)

Doughnut Sherrif: Uhhh....

Penny: Why do you always make fun of my father! My father is not that bad!

Anais and Nicole: We'll! He rammed our! Expensive house! And he almost ran our kid really over!

Anais: HMPFH!

Penny: Girls!! He rescued me! You know i like my dad!

Patrick:[Shows up from nowhere] Thats right!

Gumball, Darwin and Richard: Yes they're right we do the Marasena, and we never be the Cannabilla and they call us as a mistake Linda Marasena, Eeeeeh Marasena [Slideshow goes to Principal Brown and Simian dancing at the scene]

Gumball, Darwin and Richard:[Slideshow goes to Rocky, Marvin, Louie, Granny Jojo and Doughnut Sherrif Dancing] We do this twice and more time [Slideshow goes to Anton and Juke dancing] Anton and Juke [Slideshows to Carrie and Sarah dancing] also Carrie and Sarah eeeeh Marasena

Gumball, Darwin and Richard: [Slideshows Back to them] We do this i think one more time! [Slideshows to Bobert and Clayton dancing] A Robot and a Clay i think will help us! [Slideshows to Tina Rex and Jamie] But that girls are not really gonna do it [Slideshows back to Gumball, Darwin and Richard] Eeeeh Marasena

Penny: We'll come find me my profile is Marasena and im always here for you and help you with the problems, just notice me, and keep me, when i find you then i track you

Gumball, Darwin and Richard: We'll now once we do it one more time! [Slideshows to everyone that is in the song video] And everyone is joining and really its fun [Slideshows to Evil Turtle and Mr. Cuddles] Pet's are joining [Slideshows to Marvin, Louie and Granny Jojo] And elderlies too when i say it one more time, Eeeeeeeh Marasena!



  • With a Special Thanks to the cast of The Animaniacs the cast can use the parody too.
  • This song is an parody of Macarena by Los Del Rio
  • In the part after Why do you always make fun of my father, is an contiunity of The Knights
  • In the part "We'll come find me my profile.." Penny said "Just Notice Me" That is actually recycled from "The Extras"

Goofs and Errors

  • In Macarena they only have 2 men singers, in this song they have 3

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