300px-Mixmaster (RotF)
Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Cybertronian
Age: TBA
Friends: Young Autobot, Blossom
Enemies: The Joker
Relatives: TBA
Occupation: constructicons
First Appearance: TBA
Voiced by: Dave Boat
A genius chemist, Mixmaster serves as a weapons designer to the Decepticon elite. He has spent his entire lifespan mastering the intricacies of chemical reactions, becoming an expert in poisons, corrosive substances, and most especially explosives. He has a knack for improvisation, being able to make deadly concoctions from just the native materials a world has to offer. A member of the Constructicons, when Devastator is formed he constitutes the lumbering beast's head.

There are two of him, one of which forms the head of Devastator, the other may or may not be also named "Mixmaster".

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