250px-Bullworth Academy

The Main Building

The Park Management for Seniors and Juniors school is the main school at New York. It is run by Dr. Crabblesnitch.

School Infomation

The school that is located within the Washington area, in New York. The school is consisted of 6 buildings, The Main Building, The Auto Shop, Pop's Drama Room, Boys Dorm, Girls Dorm and The Library.

Their are 5 cliques of the school. They are the Preps, Juniors, Seniors, Greasers and Jocks. There are 19 students.

Known Teachers

Known Students

  1. Leonard McLean
  2. Finn McLean
  3. Clinton
  4. Mordecai
  5. Rigby
  6. Fionna
  7. Gumball Watterson
  8. Darwin Watterson
  9. Anais Watterson
  10. Marceline
  11. James
  12. Otto
  13. Dawn
  14. DJ
  15. Bobert
  16. Silas Sykes
  17. Ricky Munsen
  18. Damien
  19. Young Autobot

School Uniform

Every student wears a prep outfit. The boys wear a blue/white sweater and slate or beige slacks. As for the girls, they wear a blue shirt and a white skirt.

Leonard wears the same school uniform but he has a additional belt and badges.

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