Penny & Captain-Japan of S.P.D is an Amazing World of Gumball spinoff series by kainsword17.

Penny captain japan full promo by kainsword kaijin-d8i3d49


action, adventure, comedy, science fiction, superhero.


Penny has joined S.P.D when Gumball's family moves away because of Nicole's new job. But she get's Jamiko Miyamoto (aka Captain-Japan) as her partner at S.P.D (Space Police Delta) and now, together they protect Elmore from inter dimensional threats, including the evil organization, SHADOW.

Throughout her new adventures with Jamiko, Penny is introduced to the Multiverse where she meets new friends, but also meets all kinds of evil forces that wish to take over the Multiverse.


These are the characters of the series.

Main Heroes

Supporting Characters


Minor Characters


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