Pepé Le Pew is the resident Casanova, he has a French accent and refined sense of taste that make him irresistible to women. Just ask any of his seven ex-wives.


Pepé Le Pew first appeared in Members Only, where he is shown working at the Royal Oaks Glenn Oaks Oakwood Oaks Country Club as a wedding planner. He plans Lola and Bugs' wedding. It is shown he has a crush on Lola, and Lola even decides to marry him instead of Bugs at the wedding. However, in Eligible Bachelors, it is shown Lola broke up with Pepé because she had chosen Bugs to date at the bachlorette party (even though Pepé wasn't seen in the episode). He was also seen in the You Like I Like Merrie Melody charming a girl.


In Foghorn Leghorn's Merrie Melodie Cock of the Walk, Foghorn is shown driving in a car, singing and looking out of his window at Pepé, whom is hitting on his new lover interest Penelope Pussycat.

He appeared in That's My Baby, in the Merrie Melodie Skunk Funk, where Pepé sings about nobody loving him because of his terrible smell.


  • Pepé is a wedding planner, even though he has been married seven times.
  • In the original shorts, Pepé has an unbearable scent that drove away any woman (mostly Penelope Pussycat). However, in the series, he only got his odor back in the Merrie Melody, Skunk Funk, after two apperances earlier.

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