Pete Puma is a puma who went to high school with Daffy, Porky, and Marvin.


In Reunion, Pete attends his high school reunion with his friend, Marvin, and runs into Daffy. Pete informs Daffy that he still hasn't graduated after Daffy asks what's new in their lives. He was also seen in two flashbacks, one told by Daffy about Porky being a nerd and he was being popular and hanging out with girls. Pete wore a yellow shirt with red straps and blue jeans in the unpopular table, which including Porky, Marvin and himself. This was the other way around in Porky's story where he was popular and Daffy was unpopular. Pete, however, was still unpopular. In the reunion, he was seen without the yellow shirt, red straps and blue jeans in the reunion.

In Devil Dog, Pete is given a job as a zookeeper, to keep the Tasmanian Devil locked up in his cage. However, Pete soon forgot about this and took the lock off to give it back to the security guard, chasing after the zoo cart, which allowed the Tasmanian Devil to escape. Later on, Pete goes around town putting up fliers about the zoo looking for the dangerous Taz, and soon finds him, only he is completely oblivious to the simularities between him and the poster, and goes about his way.

Pete also appears with Marvin in To Bowl or Not to Bowl where is probaly the worst player on the bowling team.

Pete once again appears in Sunday Night Slice, where he works for Speedy's new pizza resturant.

Pete appears in Working Duck to be working at Enormincorp for watching the muffins and tell daffy to proceed as planed causing the business to go bankrupt


Pete is a gullible and dimwitted puma who is slow-witted, calm, and happy as a clam; and he is also smart as one.


  • Pete revealed he never graduated from high school yet in the high school reunion in Reunion.
    • However, Pete is a zookeeper, as seen in Devil Dog.
  • Pete was originally an antagonist of Bugs in the classic Looney Tunes Shorts.

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