Darrow family archives
The pieces of the Planispheric Disk are triangular pizza slice shaped objects that may be a key to finding the cursed treasure of the conquistadors. They are all part of a planispheric disk.

Piece #1

Danny gave it to Young Autobot & Gumball when he realized the desire to keep it had wasted his life.

Mr. E knew where another piece was located, and was trying to get the one that Young Autobot had.

Piece #2

The other piece is under Penny's House, But it was stolen by Professor Pericles.

Piece #3

when Sue's little, she tripped over by the #3 piece. she put it on her pocket.

Piece #4

it was keeped by Vexus until Young Autobot took it.

Piece #5

Piece #6

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