Pikachu Watterson is a FanFiction by PennyFitzgerald.


Gumball and Darwin find a thing in the dumpster that becomes a great friend and pet, Bolty Voltimort Watterson.

It is a Friendship/Family wiki, and rated K+ for small violence.

Chapter 1

It was the usual evening in the Watterson’s house: Dad was playing video games on the couch. Anais was sitting nearby. Gumball and Darwin were playing their games.

“DODGE OR DARE!” chanted Darwin. “Roll the dice; pick a card, what’d you get?” Gumball recited. “Look for birds in the...” read Darwin. He was interrupted by a small grunt. Gumball glanced around. “What was that?” asked Darwin. Gumball shrugged. “Beats me. Let’s keep going!” The boys picked up the dice again, and heard a weak voice, saying, “Piiiiik…” from somewhere in the yard.

Darwin got up. “I think we better see what that is,” Darwin said as he looked around. Gumball nodded. “But then we’ll play dodge or dare,” he meowed quickly afterwards. There was another weak cry coming from the trash. “Sure,” Darwin answered quickly, creeping up to the trash can.

Darwin listened in closer, and picked up the small, “pik, pik…” sound. He lifted one stinky bag and saw a yellow creature with a lightning shaped tail and long, pointy ears with black tips. “What is that?” Gumball questioned nervously. Darwin shrugged. “ANAIS!!!” he shouted. The creature got up as pattering footsteps signaled Anais coming. The thing stuck its tiny head out of the trash and glared. “What is that?” Darwin repeated.

Anais gasped. “It’s a Pikachu!” she screeched. “It’ll shock you!”