Raphael Martinez (A.K.A. Kid_Watterson.) Is a Television Writer, Author and A Youtuber. He is Known For His Best-Selling Book Called "Smurfette's Diary" with over 20,000,000

Fanart human anais watterson by desupurpalhoodie-d6ifc8o

Reads on Wattpad. He is Also The Author of The Upcoming Wattpad Tagalog Novel Called "An Unexpected Love" Which Features The Love Team Of The Amazing World of Gumball, Gumball And Penny. (-BallPen-)

As "Kid_Watterson"

In a Recent Interview, Kid said, "I Always Wanted to Write Episodes on a cartoon Show. For Example. I Wanted To Make 1 Season On "The Amazing World of gumball" And Those Episodes Are Written By Me. So I Write My Stories With The "The" Title. And Find What's In My Mind Right Now. And I Publish Them on My Wattpad Account."

As "PMVMusicStudios"

Raphael Martinez Owns A Youtube Channel "PMVMusicStudios" Which Features PMVs And Cartoon Couples Tribute and More.


  • He Is Only 12 Years old, And He is already Know How to Edit and Create Pony Music Videos.
  • His Inspirational Idols are J.G. Quintel, Ben Bocquelet, And Mic Graves.
  • His Favorite Love Teams Are -BallPen- (Gumball And Penny) And JaDine (James Reid And Nadine Lustre)
  • In a Recent Interview, His Favorite Character is Sarah G. Lato.
  • His Favorite Song is "Bang Bang" By Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, And Ariana Grande.
  • His Favorite FanFiction Book is AFTER (A Wattpad Sensation By Imaginator1dx).
  • His Brother Is a Priest And His 2nd Brother is A Computer engineer.
  • His Favorite Episode Is "The Shell".
  • He Lives in Pagbilao, Quezon. Philippines.

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