Scrapper Skelluton Watterson is one ofCarrie and Gumball Watterson's many ghost/cat children.


Scrapper is a purple ghost-cat. His body is a cat skeleton which he and his brother,Gumdrop, found in a pet cemetary. Being in this skeleton is the only way that Scrapper can speak.


Gumdrop Watterson

Scrapper enjoys hanging out with his older brother, and sometimes, he tries to be like him.


He has a crush on her and she seems to return the feelings.

Lancer Shadowthourne

Scrapper sometimes hangs out with Lancer, even though Lancer is an adult.

TAWoG-Family Ties

Scrapper plays a role in TAWoG-Family Ties. In the 35th chapter, he is shown to be a remarkably talented necromancer. He resurrected four dead racoons, an ant, a bird, and ten skeletons. He also spoke to the dead. He also made cold energy beams shoot from his finger. In the 38th chapter, Scrapper cursed at Stormy, telling her to shut the f*ck up, frightening Stormy and signaling her to go silent immediately.

True Friends

Scrapper is one of the main characters in True Friends (along with Lancer Shadowthourne and Demios Watterson), the story of how he and Demios met Lancer and became friends.


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