This is the 3rd episode of The Amazing-Word of Gumball: The Kaijin


Sensei Wu comes to visit the Watterson house and help Gumball and Darwin protect the Jade Of Power from the Kaijin.


Gumball and Darwin were trying to figure out a puzzle in the living room, until Sensei Wu rings the doorbell. Gumball asks Darwin who is it at the door. Nicole opens the door, and says who is the person at the door. Gumball thinks it was a new computer games console that he ordered on Elmore plus.

When Gumball and Darwin looked at the door, they saw Sensei Wu. Then he shows the Jade Of Power. Gumball asks what is it.

Then they came to the bedroom, Sensei Wu showed them the jade. Gumball was so amazed that his head exploded. Before Wu was going to give more information, a group of Kaijin monsters teleport in, then the episode ends.


Minor Characters

Kaijin used:

  • Megazelle.
  • Omegazelle.
  • Magazelle.
  • Negazelle.
  • Assaulter Borg.


(In the bedroom, Gumball and Darwin are deciding which piece to put)

Darwin: Does it go here?

Gumball: I don't think so, maybe like this?

(Gumball places a piece sideways)


Darwin: No, it goes like this.



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