Sheriff Bronson Stone
Sheriff Bronson Stone
Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Relatives: Mrs. Bronson
Occupation: Police Officer
Voiced by: Patrick Warburton
The aptly named Sheriff Bronson Stone is the sheriff of Crystal Cove & Megaville. His first name, "Sheriff", came from his mother's anticipation of his getting the job.


He has a strong dislike and fear of cicadas. He's a selfish man and very incompetent. His duties as sheriff are less to stop the frequent mysterious happenings in the town and more to stop anyone who tries to solve mysteries so the town can make money.

Memorable quotes

"Alright, guess we owe you kids thanks you did save the bank. Although you lost the town a serious revenue stream. Stream of revenue!"

"You're telling me this gator stuff is fake?!" I paid a fortune for this tracksuit! Man I need to get out of this fake gator skin it doesn't even breath. It's starting to smell a little... funky. Arrest them, even though I have absolutely no jurisdiction here!"

"You know, of all the boxes filled with of Que Horrifico T-Shirts, Que Horrifico Pan Flutes, Que Horrifico Dance CDs, Que Horrifico..."

"Carlswell? As in Deacon Carlswell, the Creeper?"

"Hey, what's with the Jones boy? He's acting a little... squirrely."

"You said this was a barbeque. I was going to make bacon hats!"

"Okay, let's get this freak show over with."

"Let's go, Littlefooty. Bwahahaha!"

"I want to see that again! Encore! Encore!"

"Sheriff Bronson Stone here."

"The mastermind criminal dog is bound to have a closet full of robot dogs back home!"

"Now, Mrs. Blake, all I did was suggest that you're dressing up like a she-vamp and stealing random objects. No reason to get all mad about it!"

"You are? Ewww!"

"Now it's the big house for you, Grandma."

"Sheriff Bronson Stone has got this covered." (Sips drink)


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