Skipper Shelton
Skipper Shelton
Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: TBA
Friends: Young Autobot, General Grievous
Enemies: Man Crab
Relatives: TBA
Occupation: Cook
First Appearance: Summer the Beach
Skipper Shelton runs the Clam Cabin. Skipper wears a captain's hat, has a gray beard, a red handkerchief. He has a missing nose that was stolen by a clam. The Skipper has five siblings: a sardiner, a shrimper, a mata rayer, a kelper, and a sea-dragoner (whom he said he didn't talk about, for some yet unknown reason). He always called Grievous "lad", he gives Grievous some Clams all day long. Skipper then became pals with Young Autobot & Grievous

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