Skylanders: The Fanfiction is the first fanfiction in the Skylanders series.

Master Eon, Spyro, Gill Grunt, Captain Flynn, Gumball Watterson, Trigger Happy, Lloyd Garmadon, Lightning Rod, Drobot, Carrie, Darwin Watterson, Stealth Elf, Ninjini, Whisper Elf, Pikachu Watterson, Cynder, and Kai are searching for a way to defeat Kaos. They find a weapon that could destroy Chompies, Arkeyans, Ambushes of the Skylanders, and Kaos. They reached Kaos's Lair, they've found the Iron Fist Of Arkus. Cali, Misako, Anais Watterson, Nicole Watterson, Richard Watterson, Larry the Cucumber, and Ben Tennyson joined the battle to save Skylands. First they had to go through the Chompy Mage. Second they had to go through Drill-X. Third they had to go through Brute. Then they got to Kaos. They used their attacks to defeat Kaos. They won the battle. Skylands is saved. Gumball, Darwin, Lloyd, Carrie, Pikachu, Ben, Kai, Larry, Anais, Nicole, Richard, and Misako returned to their homeworld. The end. This happend 3 years after the events in Skylanders Giants, and 2 years before the events in Swap Force.

Song used: Diamonds by Rihanna, Don't You Worry Child by Sweedish House Mafia, Call of Duty 2 theme, Skylanders Giants theme, The Hairbrush Song by VeggieTales, Skylanders Spyro's Adventure theme, Rebirthing by Skillet, The Weekend Whip (Ninjago Theme Song} by The Fold, Not Afraid by Eminem

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