Skylanders the Fanfiction 6

Charactersand Trivia



Lightcore Hex

Gumball Watterson

Darwin Watterson

Master Eon

Dexter (Hamster)


Dawn's Piplup

Captain Flynn


Volcanic Eruptor

Ultimate Hero






Ambushes of Skylanders



Elora is a referrence to Elora the Faun from the Classic Spyro Games

Stan, Robin, Dexter, and Pipup bearly fought


Spyro, Robin, Lightcore Hex, Gumball, Darwin, Master Eon, Dexter (Hamster), Stan, Dawn's Piplup, Captain Flynn, and Cali are on an adventure to save Volcanic Eruptor. 35 Chompies got in the way (one named Elora). Gumball turned into the Ultimate Hero. He defeated the Chompies. Elora joined the team. The heroes had two more baddies until Kaos. Some Arkeyans got in the way. Gumball turned into the Ultimate Hero. The Arkeyans got defeated. The last bad guys for our heroes before Kaos is the Ambushes of Skylanders. 3 Ambushes of Skylanders got in the way (Ambushes of; Stealth Elf, Flameslinger, and Hex). Gumball turned into the Ultimate Hero. He defeated the Ambushes of Skylanders. Now, the heroes can save Volcanic Eruptor. The heroes got to Kaos. All of the heroes attacked Kaos. Kaos called Elora the Chompy a traitor. Kaos got defeated by the heroes. Volcanic Eruptor was saved. Quigley and the other Mabu said Were saved! Gumball, Darwin, Robin, Dexter (Hamster), Stan, Dawn's Piplup returned home.

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