He is the hero of 3 game series. He is nice. Ready for a battle. He had a lot of adventures. He is a dragon. Out of Vaporeon and a Stick Figure, Spyro was picked by Gumball Watterson also known as the Ultimate Hero He is also known as Dark Spyro,


Cynder, Girlfriend

Trigger Happy, Friend

Gill Grunt, Friend

Lightning Rod, Friend

Sparx, Foster Brother

Master Eon, Trainer

KAOS, Enemy

Ember, Old Girlfriend

Gumball Watterson, Friend

Darwin Watterson. Friend

Anais Watterson, Friend

Jet-Vac, Friend

Drill Seargent, Friend

Stealth Elf, Friend

Boom Fiend, Fiend

Pop Fizz, Friend

Pikachu Watterson, Friend

Nicole Watterson, Fiend

Richard Watterson, Friend

Malefor, Enemy

Red, Enemy

Charizard, Friend

Lloyd Garmadon, Friend

Misako, Friend

Lord Garmadon, Friend (only as Dark Spyro), Enemy

Kai, Friend


Skylanders: The Fanfiction

Skylanders: The Fanfiction: Kaos's Return

Spyro The Dragon Series

The Legend Of Spyro Series

Skylanders Series

Skylanders The Fanfiction 3


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