THis is a page to help come up with prompts for The Amazing World of Gumball FanFic wiki. [Please help out if you have an idea you can't use.]

Some Ideas

Here are a few variations you could put to make creative writing.

  • It could take place when the class are teens, or when they are younger.
  • It could contain your original character.
  • You could put it in a city otrher then Elmore.
  • You might make a minor character your main character!

Amazing prompts

You could use your own ideas; that always works out better, but you should try to add to the stockpile every-so-often.

  • The Wattersons could get a pet
  • Gumball and Darwin get into a misadventure
  • Gumball and Penny may struggle some more to share feelings.
  • You could make a Mrs. Watterson flashback.
  • You could make an alternative ending

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