The Amazing World of Gumball Hero Rising is a series created and animated by CoolDude1111.


Gumball, Darwin, Anais, Nicole, and Richard are enveloped in a crazy adventure to save earth from a menacing threat that call themselves the "Horriffic Villians of Elmore".


  • It All Ends Here Part 1

The Wattersons notice that bad things are happining in Elmore and that Rex Fury is responible for it.

  • It All Ends Here Part 2

Superman and Chase Mcain join the battle to stop Rex Fury.

  • It All Ends Here Part 3

The gang is joined by Penny, Tobias, Banana Joe, Steven Universe, Garnet, Amythest, Pearl, Frank Honey, Ness, and Kumatora to stop the evil.

  • One Big Team

Our heros discover that Rex Fury has a gang of villians.

  • Ganandorf's Will

Superman, Gumball, Darwin, and Steven go to defeat Ganandorf

  • Enter Uncle Grandpaw

Uncle Grandpaw and friends join the Heros.

  • The Good, The Bad, and The Mother Series

Ninten, and Lucas Join.

  • Invasion via Osohe

Porky tries to sabotage the Osohe castle.

  • Good and Bad Mornings

The RV blows up, and Uncle Grandpaw lives in the Hero Mansion.

  • Land of make belive

Darwin passes out and can't remember anything.

  • Huh?

The Heros blow up the Badguy Base and have more problems with Darwin.

  • 555-555-62

Gumball and Darwin deal with the bad guys for good.

  • Tina Rex Fury

Gumball and Darwin tangle with Tina and Rex.

  • The End (One Hour Special)

Elmore goes back to normal.

  • Return of Forest Blackwell

In the world of Lego City Undercover, Chase Mcain finds Forest Blackwell

The Heros

The Wattersons



Banana Joe





Frank Honey



Cast of Uncle Grandpaw




Rex Fury





  • Even though the Badguy Aliance is small, The Heros still have a problem
  • Tobias's Headband is all white.
  • On Invasion on Oshoe, Kumatora says Damn, making it be the first curse in Gumball.
  • Unlike in the game, Mother 3, Porky can summon pigmasks at will.

Season Two

In 2015, there will be a season two.

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