The Amazing World of Gumballina is the opposite of Amazing World of Gumball. The Characters are:Gumballina, Darlina, Pen, Alex(Anais), Banana Joel, Thumballina (Tobias), Nicolas(Nicole Watterson).


Gumabllina: Hey Darlina wake up now!

Darlina: Fine.

Alex: Whats with the shouting!

Nicolas: Kids time for breakfast kids!

Darlina: Why are you so excited Gumballina?

Gumballina: Oh nothing. (blushes)

Alex: Now why are you blushing?

Gumballina: Because...

(The bus came)

Gumballina: Oh look the bus!

Thumballina: Hey Gumballina.

Banana Joel: Hey Darlina.

Gumabllina: Hey girls.

Thumballina: Why are you staring at Pen, Gumballina?

Gumballina: Oh nothing really...

Banana Joel: You have a crush on Pen, right?

Gumballina: No, no, no, no.

Thumballina: Your blushing Gumballina, you have a crush on him, right?

Darlina: Gumballina, so thats why your so excited to go to school.

(In the school)

Pen: Oh hey Gumballina.

Gumballina: Hi...(blushing)

Darlina: Your face is turning red, Gumballina.

Darlina: Hello....

Gumballina: He looked

Darlina: Aha! You have a crush on him right Gumballina?

Gumballina: What.. No!

Darlina: Really?

Gumballina: Yes.

Darlina: Your blushing Gumballina

Gumballina; No!

Coming soon...

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