The Gotham Girls Crossover is based on The Powerpuff Girls Crossover. The 4 heroes of Gotham (Lola Bunny, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman,) fight of the evil that lurks in Gotham City. This is not only an Gotham Girls Crossover, but other cartoon characters from cartoons like The Amazing World Of Gumball and Regular Show may appear too.


  1. The Gotham Girls Rises
  2. Girls Night
  3. The Humbling River (episode)
  4. Skales (episode)
  5. Sym-Bionic Titan (episode)
  6. Its Mean, its big, Its She-Bane
  7. The Return Of Mr. J
  8. The Dragons
  9. Penny The Great
  10. Ninja Girls
  11. Carrie's Origin
  12. Happy Days
  13. Stop The Shredder Part 1
  14. Stop The Shredder Part 2
  15. Christmas Day (a special episode)

Main Characters




Season 2

The 2nd Season of The Gotham Girls Crossover will be released on Christmas Day. And I'm leting User:PennyFitzgerald edit the 2nd season of it cause I'm taking a break on Christmas Day.

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