Penny crying over Gumball's death

Later Gumball walks home,Then seeing Penny he runs to her asking her Mr.Fitzgerald Didn't want her to come she says she asked her mother.Then Tobias comes and slaps Gumball,Demanding satisfaction Gumball asks what does he want Tobias Demands a duel Gumball Refuses So Tobias slaps then making Duel with Tobias,Gumball says "If i do this your gonna leave us alone right?!' Tobias says if he wins if he loses Penny is his, Penny says no she is not Gumball says that he considers penny feelings about the duel Tobias says no so they battle gumball trips on a rock making him fall on to Tobias,Gumball flies to the other side were Tobias was. Tobias flies to were Gumball was. Tobias challenges him to hand to hand combat Gumball calls him nuts so he choses not to fight him any longer Tobias says that he wins and wins penny,Gumball shouts "No!" acciedently hitting tobias hand.Tobias challenges him to hand to hand combat (again) after battle tobias grabs penny's hand gumball tries to tobias insted hitting penny Tobias gets angry and attacks Gumball.Gumball asks Penny to hand his stick she throws it to Gumball to fight Tobias. Gumball loses the stick and grabs a trash can Tobias starts hitting the Trash can Penny runs and grabs Tobias arm and throws her on the street meanwhile Mr. Fitzgerald Drives by seeing Tobias hitting Gumball not noticing penny on the street gumball and tobias see penny gumball jumps and saves penny by jumping in front of it. Just as Gumball succumbs to his wounds, Penny whispers that she loves him. In the hospital, Gumball are in beds.

The Knights (Alternate ending)/Transcript

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