Gumball: Penny! I thought your dad didn't want you to come over.

Penny: Exactly. That's why i asked my mom

Gumball: Cool .Do you still want to study?Because i know that medieval Stuff

Tobias: Have at you, you cantankerous


spa<n style="color:#8dc5df;">T</span>obias: I demand satisfaction

Gumball: For what?

Tobias: For stealing the hand of my promised

Gumball: What the heck do yo want, dude?

Tobias: I demand...a duel

Gumball: I don't want to duel.Leave us alone.I'm not doing this.

[ ]

Gumball: If i do this, you're gonna leave us alone, right?

Tobias: Only if you win.If you lose, lady penny is mine

Penny: No, i'm not

Gumball: Yeah, did you considerer penny's feeling in any of this?

Tobias: In time, she will learn to love me

Penny: No i won't

Tobias: Let the joust commence

Tobias:A worthy foe but how are you at hand-to-hand combat?En garde!

Gumball: You're a complete nutcase, man.I don't want to fight you anymore

Tobias: Then victory is mine and i shall take the hand of my lady

Gumball: Never, oh sorry.Oh, are you ok?


Tobias: Dance for me, jester dance!! faster jester faster!!

Gumball: Thanks penny!

Penny: Tobias stop it

Tobias: I'll stop in exchange for a kiss

Gumball: No!Sorry

Penny: It's okay

Gumball: Wait.Ok go.That's better.Penny!

Penny: What?

Gumball: Can you throw me my sword?

Penny: You mean your broom?

Gumball: Yes

Penny: Come on can we just do the assignment now please?

Gumball: Yeah, just give me a second, i think he's getting tired

Mr. Fitzgerald: she better not be around here.I hate this lousy neighborhood

Gumball:Penny get back, you're gonna get hurt

Penny: I wouldn't have to help if you weren't losing

Gumball: I'm not losing.I'm just catching my breath

Tobias: Step aside, woman!

Mr. Fitzgerald: That little punk again

Gumball: Penny!!

Tobias: Oh bye!

Penny: Gumball!!

Richard: Nicole, get out here! This clown ran over our kid

Nicole: What? My baby!

Penny: Gumball, please don’t go!

Gumball: I sorry, Penny. .. Remember when you know for a while…

Penny: What are you talking about?

Gumball:I’m Here of my own free will… I used to always cry and give up… I nearly went the wrong way… But you showed me the right way… I wanted to be you… I was always chasing you… Wanting to overtake you… I just wanted to walk with you… You changed me… Your smile saved me… Penny… I… Love… You…

Penny: I Love you too. (crying).

Mr. Fitzgerald: What have I done?.

[Hospital, gumball is on a bed, with his family, Penny and Mr. Fitzgerald watching him.]

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