Gumball then tells the anxious Darwin that the plan cant work because the monster has the rope in-between his lips. Darwin then tells him to think of something but Gumball admits he hasn't a clue what to do. Gumball then gets thrown back by Kenneth's roar and accidentally turns on the water to the hose. The monster gets filled up to breaking point and explodes setting everyone free. They all rejoice and Gumball exclaims he did it on purpose. Then they find little Kenneth now vastly smaller on the lawn. Gumball then talks cutely towards it. Richard then tries to destroy it but Gumball assures him that Kenneth was merely misguided and that he's a nice creature. With a touching speech, he convinces the family to give Kenneth a second chance. Cut to the future, where Kenneth, instead of being gentle, turns out to be an even bigger monster than before. HIM then appears again and shouts at Kenneth for not defeating the Wattersons and he makes them disappear. He then tells the Wattersons to watch their backs because they are back in Elmore.