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Gumball escapes and bumps into Bobert, who was deactivated. Gumball turns him back on, and he says he knows who caused Principal Brown's injuries, which is when Gumball gets surrounded by his classmates, all eager to claim the no homework reward. Gumball begs Bobert to tell everyone who did it, and Bobert shows everyone a video, revealing exactly what happened. Principal Brown was walking down the hallway when suddenly, his office door flew open, leaving him dizzy. He then fell down the stairs, wrapping himself with a toilet paper trail that Darwin left behind, and slammed into Penny's wet painting, which covered him in green paint. Next, he fell face first into a puddle of hair-loss chemicals that Rocky spilled, which caused him to jump up in pain and fall down more stairs, right into Gumball's locker. Gumball just shrugged and walked away. Everyone agreed that whoever opened the office door was the one responsible, so Gumball replayed Bobert's memory, zooming in on the person who opened the door. It is revealed to be Mojo Jojo!. He erases Bobert's memory to stay innocent, causing Gumball and the rest to turn on Mojo. As he walks away and taunts the children, but the Powerpuff Girls arrive. Mojo is shocked at the girls' arrival. Then the girls gives Mojo a beating of what Chemical X really can do, with that, Mojo gets sent to jail, as usual. The kids and Miss Simian peek out the jail to see Mojo the beam relflects against the tiles and the ambulance that was called for Principal Brown. The episode ends with the kids flinching at the latter event and with the villain in jail.