Here is the adventurous story of Leonard McLean that I have written cause I have been inspired into the page "Leonard McLean" that Finnthehuman111 posted. This is how a fictional character becomes reallity in our future and a journey becomes a game of fantasy

Character Template

Name: (Self explanitory)

Age: (Lowest 8, highest 60)

Race: (Are you a Human, Argonian, Kharjit or Demon)

Faction: (What Kingdom do you support, if you support any at all?)

Apperance: (What does your character look like? Pictures are excepted. If not a picture, make it detailed, please!)

Weapon: (What do you use to fight?)

Powers: (Nothing overpowered. Powers are optional.)

Equipment: (What gadgets or tech do you have? This is optional.)

Background: (At least one well-written paragraph.)

Normal Theme: (Optional)

Alt. Theme: (Optional)

Battle Theme: (Optional)


Blue Gumball Army: The elite forces of park management and may look like Benson, but they are all blue. Leaders: Leonard McLean, Marceline, Clinton, Chester, Finn, Jake

Resistance: A evil force that needs to reach the outside world. Leaders: Brother Joseph Chen, Silas Sykes

Sequence 1

Coming Soon

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