The spring of chaos
Character Information
Gender: male
Species: demon
Age: +100000
Friends: Babu , Greg , Jennya , Manan
Relatives: Spring boredom (Part of it)

Spring anger (Part of it) Spring devastation (Part of it)

Occupation: The devil
First Appearance: Holiday devastation

Spring chaos is dangerous and destructive monster is a very old and his goal to convert the world to his concert with his friends and his strength is everything.


As his strength deadly and all they have had paranoia and tortured creatures just for fun with his friends and did not care about any creature weakest of them and all they care to enjoy torturing everybody and destroy everybody, or turn them into food.


He can do anything, but not dominated the minds but it can convert creatures to anything food or monsters and absorb their energy clone himself and transmission speeds of light and can become invisible and also generate energy from the same or a power explosion or building by his mind and change the color of what wants But it was demolished at the end of his imprisonment but if there is an internal anger can be liberated and that's what happened with Darwin.


Thousands of years ago was ruled a peaceful village called Elmore and the unspoiled in order to enjoy only Everyone was scared of it and had a magnitude spoil in the village, he and his friends came to be Day and faced one and defeated and imprisoned difficulty inside a tiny box and threw it into the dust of the earth and after years everyone forgets spring chaos but then the editor and his goal to revive the concert

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